Top Cocktails To Make Your Party Exciting

Cocktails are loved by every person and do not need any season to enjoy it. You can go with the cocktail whenever you want as it hypes up your mood instantly and gives you are freshing feel while sipping it. There are many bartenders in London who are expert in making different cocktails in different color mixes. If you want to add extra fun element in your parties, you can go for cocktail delivery from London. You can enjoy some of their signature cocktails which are amazing.

Top trending cocktails

  • Mojito – this cocktail is perfect for the summer parties as the flavor of rum is enhanced with a little mix of soda. This drink is then loaded with the refreshing elements like lemon slices and mint leaves to beat the heat. People love this drink and it is very popular around the world.
  • Bloody marry – if you have a theme party with red shade, this is the ideal drink for your party. These drinks are often preferred in the boozing bunch and enjoyed while hanging out.Vodka is served as the base in this drink and this is mixed with tomato juice, worcenteshire sauce and tobasco. This drink comes with little spicy undertone and garnished with the lemon slice.
  • Screwdriver – this is the citrusy drink enjoyed mostly by the girls. The base is kept as vodka and combined with orange juice. The color of this drink is very appealing and usually garnished with the slice of orange on the top.